Tie Dye Cupcakes
At my school, we are required to do a month long service project to graduate.  I chose to work at a daycare with adorable little kids.  On my last day, I decided to make them something special to show them that I will miss them.  This is the creation.


I just used regular box kit vanilla cupcakes.  I separated the batter into four different bowls, added a different color of regular food coloring to each, and mixed them.  I blobbed all four colors into the cupcake pan in equal segments.  

The frosting was the difficult part.  I whipped a can of cream cheese frosting and separated it into four bowls.  I added the same color of food coloring.  To get them to look tie dye I added the colors side by side into a Pampered Chef frosting tool and frosted them.   I was happy with the results.  xoxo

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Hello friends!
My name is Jordan and I am the operator of this blog.  My hobbies include reading, shopping, hanging with friends, thrifting, attempting DIY crafts, and much more.  I enjoy photography (but am new at it) and am trying to learn how to become better at editing and learning other tips and camera tricks as well.  I am learning how to blog and hope it will be useful for me in life, somehow.  That's about it.  xoxo